The Digital Divide Partners (DDP) explore “out-of-the-box” ways to connect and empower New York’s “have-nots” with technological solutions that enable access to resources, information and quality of life enhancements. 

As a U.S. Treasury Dept. designated Community Development Entity (CDE), the DDP is authorized as an intermediary investment vehicle to provide funding and financial counselling to businesses located in low-income communities, including community private equity venture funding.



U.S. TREASURY DEPT. Authorized to operate as a COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ENTITY in low-income communities




FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION - OPEN VIDEO SYSTEM (OVS) authorization to provide video programming throughout New York City and Westchester County


FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION - MOBILE/FIXED BROADBAND RADIO LICENSE (3650-3700 MHz).  Authorized to utilize licensed wireless radio spectrum to provide wireless broadband service nationally


STATE OF NEW YORK - CERTIFICATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY.  Certified by the New York State Public Service Commission as a facilities-based Telephone Operator authorized to provide telephone service throughout New York State


CITY OF NEW YORK - HIGH-CAPACITY TELECOMMUNICATIONS FRANCHISE.  Franchised by the City of New York since 1993 as a Broadband Telecommunications Operator authorized to construct facilities over, under and upon City rights-of-way, and to deliver broadband information and telecommunications services throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  The largest municipal telecommunications franchise ever granted to a "minority" company



Completion of a 5-year contract with the State of New York to construct an experimental hybrid fiber/wireless broadband network that provided free broadband service to thousands of low-income families in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Project featured as "Spotlight on an MWBE Success" in the NYS publication MWBE Infielder.